Amazing Exclusive Rose Essential Oil from Georgia is on the way

Amazing Exclusive Rose Essential Oil from Georgia is on the way

100 % pure rose Georgian essential oil from Damascena rose and Alazani Original rose, and exclusive rose water.

The magic rose essential oil is a tenderness and tranquility for you. Traditionally and still holding away, it is used in cosmetology, perfumery and aromatherapy. It is also widely used as a key component in medicines and pharmaceutical industry as well as other spheres. It is primarily important to note that we make absolutely natural product – the pure Rose Essential Oil by water-steam distillation method from flowers of Damascena and Alazani Roses.

Our Roses

We use Damascena and Alazani roses for our Essential oils. When it comes to appearance of Damascena in Georgia, its remarkable story is noteworthy. A long while ago, Damascena was cultivated in Taif of Saudi Arabia – this is the birthplace of the queen of roses and the beginning of history of Rose Essential Oil. Despite the traditions of rose essential oil production and the sort of rose were kept in big secret, just miraculously, it was brought over to Uzbekistan. Having occasionally discovered it there, Pirose brought it to Georgia.

Our Production

Rose production in Georgia tallies roughly 150 years. But several years ago Pirose set the goal to revive the traditional rose essential oil production in Kakheti and launched the brand new sophisticated plant right nearby the rose plantations. This plant is capable to process tender flowers, entirely keeping its quality, aroma and containing precious ingredients perfectly. Despite it is easier and more productive technological approach, we never use chemical solutions, artificial additives. Chemical solutions destruct the benefits of essential oil, including its purity and natural intensive scent. Above all, the method of water steam distillation is very expensive and extremely labor-intensive but we go this way to keep the one quality we adhere to. For all our essential oils, we carry out the production processes separately to avoid mixing between each other and keep the purity of every oil.

Unique Kakheti

Old men joke that if you plant a stick in Kakheti, it will also grow. This joke very vividly depicts Kakheti region, which is historically considered to be worthily the most fruitful and ecologically safe in overall Georgia. The beauty and power of Kakheti is mesmerizing and the choice to place our rose flower plantations there definitely was not occasional. The treasures of blessed Kakheti are infinite and rose production revived by Pirose became its finest contribution. We have grown up here, we are proud of our land and struggle every day to make it even better. Our rose project of a lifetime is its accomplished evidence. If you stop for a while and look how a sunset light shone on the rose fields, you will see the eternity. Breathe in the roses aroma at the first light of a day. Exactly here, exactly in Kakheti we become full with energy of roses and faith. And first of all this is the energy of love and inspiration. It imbues insomuch that we eager to share it. The more you share, the more you get. This is the unbreakable rule of “give and take” balance in the universe. And this is exactly what Kakheti teaches us – we put our heart and soul and all the efforts are fully reimbursed with its amazing roses of love.

In the days of old in 1897, Bulgarian plant scientist Kushlev, discovering Kakheti, was absolutely amazed with the beauty and climate of this region. Based on many years of personal involvement into the rose oil production, he has prepared a special report on rose as industrial crop in Georgia. He has thoroughly described the potential of rose essential oil production in Georgia. In his perception, planting oil-bearing roses could be also launched in Georgia, taking into consideration its ideal climate conditions. His Georgian colleagues shared his opinion and initiative and this report was forwarded to the government of Georgia for further consideration.

The first young plants of roses were brought from Bulgaria the year after. Notwithstanding the cold winter, the roses have taken their roots and bloomed very well. During the second harvest, there was produced the very first batch of rose essential oil. Rose essential oil, produced in Kakheti has successfully passed all laboratory tests, having demonstrated the required quality standards. Afterwards, this rose oil was represented at the international exhibition in Paris and was awarded with the Gold Medal, having won Bulgaria, Turkey and others.

This is how Georgian rose oil production started and gave the impetus to development for other essential oil-bearing crops in Georgian region in overall. There was planted more than 1500 hectares with oil-bearing roses and Georgia also had other 17 oil-bearing crops planted. As the result of this development, the IV World Essential Oils Congress was held in Georgia, Kakheti. This event became the biggest recognition of Georgia as the new location for rose essential oil production.



Our Partners & Clients

Our clients are the life-source of our business. We believe that integrity in client dealings is an undisputable prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship. We operate a highly effective and efficient organization, focused on meeting client objectives. We provide our clients with the highest quality technology solutions.

Something about Pirose

It is a good time to tell you our story and how it was from birth till now. Sometimes walking along wide open rose fields in our beloved Kakheti, sweet memories are coming. So pleasant to recall how everything was launching. Of course there were many premises.

The idea itself, being in love with rose essential oil as the product, the best location across the globe, perfect for creating extra quality essence oil. But there was also a significant part of luck and national Georgian adventurism to unite it altogether. First and foremost, we have never agreed for compromise. Either the best or nothing. We struggled to make the one oil, which we personally would love to use permanently – ecologically safe and purely natural. But above this all, the biggest motivating power was our pure love and addiction to Roses. This flower is worthily considered to be the queen among all and the masterpiece of nature.

Rose Stories

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