IV International Congress for Essential Oils in 1968

A long time ago, Georgia was famous due to its essential oil productions. At that moment, there were produced 17 essential oils. Certainly, the rose essential oil was among the top demanded ones. Annually Georgia produced around 1.5 tons. Since essential oil production was so advanced in Georgia, IV International Congress for Essential Oils in 1968 took place in Georgia.

The scientists discovered a rose oxide back then, bearing in roses. The congress in Georgia was mainly dedicated to this discovery, as well as to the chemistry of minor rose odorants.

On the occasion of this scientific discovery, there was issued a special postage stamp. The stamp was featured with a rose oxide structural chemical formula.

Among the guests of the Congress was Rene-Maurice Gatteffosse. He was an outstanding French chemist, perfumer, and author of “aromatherapy” as a definition.

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