How to stop Coronavirus with Rose Essential Oil

An American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), a pioneer researcher in the sphere of electric technologies, once said that if we could eliminate some external vibrations, which interfere with our bodies, we would be more disease resistant.

The whole world is the energy

Quantum physicians, including genius Albert Einstein, say that the world itself and everything inside of it is the energy. As we remember from the school lessons, the energy can be determined, because it has its frequency or vibration. Vibrations generate sound waves, that we receive from the world around us.  

Studies show that everything around us affects our frequency level. Every human receives energy from the outer environment while eating, drinking, breathing, watching, smelling, and touching. It is possible because the human himself is a concentration of energy. His organs, bones, cells, brain, immune system have their electrical power.

Energy level and vibration impact on the human health

In his book “The Body Electric”, Robert O. Bekker observed the electromagnetic nature of a human, and was nominated for Noble award.

«The Body Electric» by Robert O. Bekker

According to the Doctor Royal Raymond Raiph, every disease has its own vibration. In 1920 he developed a powerful microscope with the range longer in 1500 times. He managed to see the viruses, bacteria, parasites, and blood toxins.

He has discovered that some vibrations may prevent disease development, others may eliminate it completely. The substances with high vibration frequency destroy the diseases with low vibration frequencies. He also produced a frequency generator, which was capable to generate various electric frequencies.

Low vibration frequencies generate physical changes in the body. Average vibration frequencies stimulate emotional changes in the mind. And high vibrations promote spiritual changes. The spiritual vibrations vary in the range within 92-360 Hz.

His study was later confirmed by another scientist Bruce Tainio, the owner and president of Tainio Technologies. He developed a special device – Vibration Frequency Monitor to evaluate the effect of essential oils on the humans. 

In 1992 he discovered that the average vibration frequency of the human body during the daytime is from 62-68 Hz. The healthy vibration level is from 62 to 72 Hz. Whenever the vibration frequency gets lower, the immune system destroys.

The vibration frequency of essential oils is from 52 Hz. The frequency of rose essential oil is 320 Hz. Clinical studies prove that therapeutic essential oils have a higher vibration frequency than any other physical substance. Its high vibrations generate a protective cloud around the body, like micro-environment, where diseases, bacteria, viruses, mycotic infections are not viable.

The vibration frequency of essential oils is from 52 Hz. The frequency of rose essential oil is 320 Hz. Clinical studies prove that therapeutic essential oils have a higher vibration frequency than any other physical substance. Its high vibrations generate a protective cloud around the body, like micro-environment, where diseases, bacteria, viruses, mycotic infections are not viable.

The human body has the following vibration frequencies:

  • Brain vibration frequency of genius people: 80-82 Hz
  • Average brain vibration frequency: 72-90 MHz
  • Satisfactory vibration frequency: 72 MHz
  • Human body vibration frequency: 62-78 MHz
  • Onset of flu: 57-60 MHz
  • Onset of disease: starting from 58 MHz
  • Death: 25 MHz

The food products have vibration frequencies as follows:

  • Fresh food products: 20-27 Hz
  • Dried food products: 15-22 Hz
  • Canned / preserved food products: 0 Hz

However, after breathing in the rose essential oil, the patient’s frequency gets recovered to the level of 66 MHz after 21 seconds. 

Negative feelings get our frequency lower by 10 MHz on average, positive vibes get it higher by 10 MHz on average. Pray and meditation heighten our frequency by 15 MHz on average. 

The ones, who keep their optimal frequency, are secured. At least their immune system can prevent disease symptom development, related to cold. On a practical level, it never works with the majority of us. Being a regular human, we experience stress and tension every day and thus decrease the frequency of our bodies. Therefore, our purpose is to raise the vibration frequency and avoid the minimum acceptable level. In this case, your body may become the place for infection development due to low immune level.

What can we do to avoid catching a cold?

While conventional medicine has no response to the flu – nature does. Organic therapeutic rose essential oil is the response of nature. Ought to be noted that organic therapeutic rose essential oils are not similar to regular rose essential oils used in aromatherapy.

What is the reason? Because rose oils have high frequency (up to 320 MHz). They have a natural power to raise your body frequency and stimulate your immune system to struggle with virus invasions.


Impossible to evaluate the power of essential oils without understanding the bioelectric properties. These properties are known as “frequencies”. 

We are affected by electromagnetic radiations every day. In the last century, scientists proved that all material objects consist of energy on the quantum level.

Among these objects, there are people, whom we communicate with, media impact, equipment, all negative emotions of fear, offense, suffering, hate, and anger. All of them have the frequency of vibrations and affect our health and well-being. Fear is the greatest transformer to decrease our frequency. You may notice that those who are very concerned about their children’s health, often deal with their severe diseases. These illnesses are called iatrogenic. Many adults, overanxious about their health, suffer from such self-induced diseases.

What does Hertz mean?

All atoms of the Universe have vibrations. This is what frequency means – the number of vibrations per second.

  • 1 Hertz (Hz) = 1 vibration per second
  • 1 kiloHertz (KHz) = 1000 vibrations per second
  • 1 megaHertz (MHz) = 100000 vibrations per second
  • The frequency of rose essential oils is determined by megahertz. 

Frequency of Rose Essential Oil from Damascena rose: 320 MHz

Rose Essential oil is multi-functional and therefore have a broad scope of application. 

  • Rose essential oils have an intensive effect, and its frequency accumulates, to use when required. If needless, then energy deposition is minimal.
  • Natural Rose essential oils are not toxic, because they consist of the same substances as our body.
  • Rose Essential oil absorbed by the body and starts working just in several seconds. Thermal influence promotes better oil pervasion.
  • Rose Essential oil, having a higher frequency, operates with emotions and the spiritual sphere. Those oils, which have a lower frequency, impact more on our overall physical health.
  • 23 seconds after breathing in the Rose Essential Oil, electric impulses reach an olfactory bulb in the brain and then pass this impulse onward other parts of the body.

The smell recognition of the rose essential oil occurs so fast, that the human may feel more active, excited, or relaxed immediately. The aroma has the closest relation with the conscious and subconscious mind, where all the memories and dreams are kept. The chemical structure of essential oil is that it penetrates into cell membranes, spreading through the blood and matters.

Despite rose essential oils still not studied well enough, the scientists are confident that it can become an option instead of antibiotics. The problem with antibiotics is that patients become medicine resistant. Eventually, medicine has no result. Summarizing it all, studying rose essential oil is to become a new era in the pharmaceutical industry.

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