How We Produce Rose Essential Oil

Before We Start

To produce extra pure rose essential oils of the finest quality, we use Damascena and Alazani sorts of roses. The choice was not occasional. Due to the extremely high content of fragrance, both rose sorts traditionally cultivated to produce an excellent rose essential oil.

The appearance of Damascena rose in Georgia has a remarkable story. A long while ago, Damascena was cultivated in Taif of Saudi Arabia. Miraculously, afterwards this rose sort was brought over to Central Asia. Having occasionally discovered it there, PIROSE brought it to Georgia. Damascena rose has especially sweet and intensive odor, perceptible even at a big distance.

Alazani Original Rose is close to Gallica variety as per botanical description. Gallica rose is considered to be the oldest sort ever. As a result, Alazani Rose as a hybrid was selected in Georgia and now is an exclusive sort of our own with an exceptionally bright and distinctive fragrance. Above incredible aroma, this rose essential oil is specified with a lack of allergenic methyl eugenol. Taking into consideration the highest content of geraniol, the Alazani rose essential oil is the unique option for niche perfumers.

On The Fields

In the very beginning the plantings of Taif Damascena roses were brought from Taif in Saudi Arabia more than 20 years ago to Uzbekistan. Afterward, we brought from Uzbekistan some rose plantings, which were enough to plant along with the territory of about 6 hectares. One way or another, we were afraid if the plantings would not strike the roots well. But not surprisingly, after one year everything got intensively bloomed. We decided to take more plantings from Uzbekistan. It covered approximately 100 hectares. All the planted roses gave a perfect result. We still keep planting, using side baby sprouts. We derive it in a very careful way and grow them in a special «rose kindergarten».

Taking care of the rose plantations is very hard and meticulous work, requiring unfaltering attention and only manual work by many people. The process consists of several phases. Every phase is incredibly important for the final result. In summer, we mellow the soil around the bushes several times according to the special method. This procedure is being repeated also in autumn. We also apply organic fertilizers within this period. To protect rosebushes from the forthcoming winter cold, we fill with soil the space between the plants. We also always mellow our rose fields in spring before starting of the blossoming. Very thoroughly by hands, we remove dried stems on the bushes. 

damascena rose spring blooming

Roses start blooming in spring. The very first buds appear in April and normally get open in the beginning or in mid-May, the latest. Therefore, the harvesting starts within these days. Depending on the blooming intensity, the flowers get ripened gradually. The quantity of gathered flowers gets increased day by day. On average, the duration of harvesting is about 25 days, according to the weather conditions. Every flower is picked only manually, during the specific phase of being open and trying to avoid breaking stems and leaves, as well as non-standard flowers in the rose mass to be processed. Otherwise, the quality of essential oil will be unrecoverable. Our technological concept is to pick up only at sunrise, exactly before 10 o’clock not to lose a single drop of priceless essence, until it is evanesced.

Our Production

The rose oil production in Georgia has a long-lasting story for about 150 years. But several years ago, our company set the goal to revive the traditional rose essential oil production in Kakheti and equipped the new modern plant close to our rose plantations. Our plant is capable to process delicate flowers, perfectly keeping its quality, aroma, and precious ingredients. Notwithstanding it is an easier and more productive way, we use neither chemical solutions nor artificial additives. Chemical solutions destroy the beneficial properties of essential oil, including its purity and natural intensive scent. Besides that, the water-steam distillation method is very expensive and very labor-intensive, anyway, we operate this way to adhere to the highest standards.

For all our essential oils, we carry out the production processes separately to avoid mixing between each other and keep the purity of every oil.

All rose flowers are delivered to the processing plant immediately after harvesting. To maximize the essence production, we process the rose flowers. Under the attentive surveillance of our experts, the rose flowers go to the copper steam units. The copper provides an antibacterial effect and helps to avoid impurities in the product. During processing, the roses pass several phases of distillation and double filtering before final bottling. Therefore, we are confident to say that our Rose Essential oil and its aroma are completely pure. The whole production cycle is based on traditional and strict standards but using the most recent technologic approaches. We do our best to keep the authentic recipe. That is precisely why we never produce anything else at our plant to avoid occasional additives to our ideal Rose Essential Oil. To produce just 1 liter of the Alazani Premium Rose Essential oil, we process up to 6 tons of roses, and 3-4 tons of flowers for Classy Damascena Rose Essential Oil. Sounds unbelievable but true. The final output depends on the weather conditions.

Our Essential Oils

All rose essential oils made by PIROSE were duly tested and passed the certifications of the leading internationally recognized laboratories. The products of PIROSE comply with the highest international standards of perfumery production and personal usage. The content of major ingredients in the essential oil of the Limited Edition is higher than in traditional ones. Therefore, this product is specified with a more concentrated fragrance and is suitable for niche perfumers. The list of test results is given below:

damascena essential rose oil test
classy damascena rose oil test
rose oil list of laboratory test

Pirose has generated easily navigated website with the delivery platform, providing with sustainable and reliable tailored-made service to effectively meet the needs of all our customers. Since you have ordered online, your parcel gets prepared immediately to be delivered to you. We are to sell both wholesale and retail. At this website you may find or request any related information about the company, our roses, rose oils, and our production. Our efficient payment system ensures that all your orders and costs are entirely controlled. To make customers feel comfortable and protected, we achieve outstanding performance in the safety and security of all payments. At our online store Pirose suggests several types of payment to choose at your convenience.

Exactly for special occasions, we have developed the gift version of all our rose essential oils. The nicely wrapped box contains a tiny bottle of rose essential oil from PiRose. It is a wonderful option as a gift for lovers, for your friends or your beloved family. And unusual gift like nothing else will brightly describe your feelings instead of thousand words. And million of flowers.

If you still have any questions to us, never hesitate to reach us out anytime! 

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