Rose oil and Water in Medicine

No doubt that in case of severe diseases, it is strongly recommended not to avoid medical and pharmaceutical treatment. However, using organically clean rose oil and water may become the best supplement in resolving the significant number of health related problems. These products are absolutely natural, and thus are specified with high efficiency, low toxicity and lack of side effects. Therefore, rose oil and rose water may be used for children and pregnant women.

We listed below just several positive benefits the rose oil and rose water may bring to your health:

First and foremost, the rose oil has antiseptic, anti-rheumatologic and antibacterial effects.

The rose water reduces the risk of bladder infections and heart diseases, also resolves the digestive problems. Using 0.5 cup of rose water 3 times per day before you eat, positively effects on the gastric mucosa, facilitates kidney and bile duct salt dissolving, aids with bronchitis and pneumonia. Eliminates vomiting sickness, weakness, headaches and tinnitus.

The rose oil is very effective with skin dermatitis and neurodermia, has cicatrizing effect on scar tissues, eliminates eye dryness and eyelid swelling. 

Above all, using these products balances the thyroid body. 

Some experts recommend using the rose water in parodontosis treatment. Just moisten a piece of cotton wool with rose water and put it on the gums. You may also keep warm rose water in the mouth for a while. Inflammation and blooding will stop just after 4 or 5 procedures. The teeth will be strengthened, gums will have their normal color and you will have a pleasant odor from the mouth. In case of tonsillitis, use 1 or 2 drops of rose oil on inflamed tonsil 2-3 times per day, after every 4-5 hours, during 2-3 days. It is also effective to gargle the throat.

Be healthy and strong and let the rose oil assist on the way to happy and active ageing!

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