100% Rose Essential Oil

The magic rose essential oil is a tenderness and tranquility for you. Traditionally and still holding sway, it is used in cosmetology, perfumery and aromatherapy. Several drops into the foamy bath and soft jazz is a perfect combination to relax after an exhausting day which is finally over. The scent of roses will easily settle your nerves, give full relief to your tired body muscles and harmonize your soul. You know, half an hour in the privacy of your own mind, replenishing with rose aroma is simply priceless. Because the most important person is exactly you.

Blend your favorite body or face cream with a drop of rose essential oil. Rose oil will brighten up your skin tone and tonify your face, it will also abirritate, cure dryness, eliminate edemas and speed up the healing process of small wounds and acnes.

Rose oil also presents you another effect. It is proved that rose essential oil smoothens the hormone imbalance and gives relief from regular pains. Yes, this is your personal magic potion.

Our wonderful rose raw materials are 100% ecological safe and organically natural. We stand against chemical fertilizers and growth intensifiers. We consider necessary to use solely organic type of growing. We are proud to grow this impressive product exactly here in the country we love. And confident to say that roses have their especially overwhelming odor exactly in Georgia.

Pure essential rose oil

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