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We use Damascena and Alazani roses for our Essential oils.

When it comes to appearance of Damascena in Georgia, its remarkable story is noteworthy. A long while ago, Damascena was cultivated in Taif of Saudi Arabia – this is the birthplace of the queen of roses and the beginning of history of Rose Essential Oil. Despite the traditions of rose essential oil production and the sort of rose were kept in big secret, just miraculously, it was brought over to Uzbekistan. Having occasionally discovered it there, Pirose brought it to Georgia.

To maximize the essence production, we process the rose flowers. Just one liter of the Rose Essential Oil is the distillation from several tons of flowers. Every flower is picked only manually, during the specific phase of being open and trying to avoid a breakthrough of stems and leaves, as well as non-standard flowers into the rose mass to be processed. Otherwise, the quality of essential oil will be unrecoverable. Our technological concept is to pick up only at sunrise, exactly before 10 o’clock not to lose a single drop of priceless essence, until it is evanesced. For all our rose oils and waters we carefully grow Rose Damascene and Alazani Original Rose, which is very related to Gallica variety by its features.

Damascena is the rose queen and tends to have especially sweet and intensive odor, perceptible even at a big distance. From ancient times in Saudi Arabia, this variety is the only one to be used for essential oil production due to extremely high essence content in every part of the flower.

Alazani Original Rose is close to Gallica variety as per botanical description. Gallica Rose is considered to be the oldest sort ever. As the result, Alazani Rose as hybrid was selected in Georgia and now is an exclusive sort of our own with exceptionally bright and distinctive fragrance. Above incredible aroma, this Rose Essential Oil is specified with lack of allergenic methyl eugenol. Therefore, this essential can be the base for child care cosmetics.

Damascena and Alazani roses

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