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Our clients are the life-source of our business. We believe that integrity in client dealings is an undisputable prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship. We operate a highly effective and efficient organization, focused on meeting client objectives. We provide our clients with the highest quality technology solutions.
Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University

Pirose team is proud to inspire the scientific thesis of one of the most outstanding botanical researchers in Tbilisi State Medical University. It is exactly our roses to be in the focus of his study.

Roses as the subject of botanical research were always in the scope of his interest. Our varieties gave him vast potential to research even more profound.

Skott Mackellan, PIROSE Partner

Skott Mackellan

«I consider myself to be an extremely sophisticated fan of essential oil of rose. The hobby became a lifetime project and as the commercial director of Trend Perfumery Inc, I am always in the search of even better products. I have revealed Pirose’s essential oils just occasionally and remained absolutely surprised with natural scent and pure texture. Perfection has no limits! I am eager to use it in our production of niche aromas, thus contributing to our product lineup widening.»

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