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our production in Kakheti, Georgia

Rose production in Georgia tallies roughly 150 years. But several years ago Pirose set the goal to revive the traditional rose essential oil production in Kakheti and launched the brand new sophisticated plant right nearby the rose plantations. This plant is capable to process tender flowers, entirely keeping its quality, aroma and containing precious ingredients perfectly. Despite it is easier and more productive technological approach, we never use chemical solutions, artificial additives. Chemical solutions destruct the benefits of essential oil, including its purity and natural intensive scent. Above all, the method of water steam distillation is very expensive and extremely labor-intensive but we go this way to keep the one quality we adhere to. For all our essential oils, we carry out the production processes separately to avoid mixing between each other and keep the purity of every oil.

All gathered rose flowers are delivered to the processing plant immediately. Under the careful supervision of our experts, the rose flowers come to the copper steam units. Copper is commonly used natural material for distillation. It provides antibacterial effect and helps to avoid the access of impurities in our final product. During processing, the roses pass several phases of distillation and double filtering before final bottling. Therefore, we are confident to say that our Rose Essential oil and its aroma are completely pure. The whole production cycle is based on traditional and strict standards but using the most up-to-date technological approaches. We do our best to keep the authentic recipe and that is precisely why we never produce anything else at our plant to avoid occasional additives to our ideal Rose Essential Oil.

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