Alazani Premium Rose Essential Oil Gift, 2.5 ml.

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100% pure rose oil Certificate


Selected and carefully refined sort of Gallica Roses in Kakheti of Georgia. We took the best baby seedlings of the sort to create even better roses. According to natural and climatic conditions of Alazani valley, these roses were further cultivated to become its perfect result. Initially was appeared in minor Asia and brought to Europe through Macedonia and then Egypt. It always used to be the traditional rose basis both for rose essential oil and remedies. The essential oil for Alazani Premium Rose Essential Oil is distilled separately to avoid mixing with other rose oils and keep its exclusiveness and purity.

  • Hypoallergenic product;
  • Intensive aroma and high fragrancy;
  • Absolute purity;
  • Lack of chemical contaminants and artificial additives;


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