Limited Edition Damascena Essential Rose Oil Gift, 2.5 ml.

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100% pure rose oil


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Also originates from incomparable Damascena rose. But its uniqueness arises from the fact that essential oil is fresh made. Due to the fact that the plant stands right nearby the rose fields, we are capable to process directly and immediately. This way allows to avoid fermentation in the pure essential oil liquid and not to lose a single drop of precious essence. The primary advantage of this approach is that fresh made Rose essential oil contains much more valuable geraniol than others. In this regard, our production and final product are absolutely unique and have no parallel. This sort of oil is perfectly suitable ingredient for niche premium perfumery.

  • Fresh made Rose Essential Oil;
  • Exclusive richness with essence;
  • Absolute purity due to the lack of fermentation;
  • Perfect texture;
  • Lack of chemical contaminants and artificial additives.
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2,5 ml


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